Here is some of my work:

30 Days of Tickets:
A Month of Phila. Parking Violations
30 Days of Tickets screenshot

30 Days of Tickets is a data visualization of one month's worth of parking violations from the City of Philadelphia. The data comes from OpenDataPhilly, the city's effort to share information with the public. The application implements Google Maps API with JavaScript. 30 Days of Tickets is built on Rails and uses the Gon Gem to pass data from the controller to JavaScript.

The digitalSEL

digitalSEL screenshot

The digitalSEL was my first web project. It is a JavaScript application that allows users to view multiple versions of the same text at the same time. The goal of the project is to design a digital edition that helps scholars compare the variations in texts with complex manuscript traditions.

twitterTrender twitterTrender screenshot

Developed with Jake Smergel, twitterTrender uses Twitter’s restful API to show users what is trending in up to three cities at the same time. Known Bug: Twitter only allows users to access their API 15 times every 15 minutes.

basicBlogger basicBlogger screenshot

A proof of concept blogging app, with secure login, profile pictures, and snarky design—for the basics. Built with Ruby on Rails with an ActiveRecord database, Mandrill API for email, PaperClip for user images, and secure sign-in.

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